Elements of Proper Dental Hygiene

OCTOBER is National Dental Hygiene Month!

All of these steps are important for proper oral hygiene. Some of these are not so common knowledge:

  1. BRUSH. Twice daily. Before bed is the most important time to brush but is often the most forgotten.
  2. FLOSS. At least once daily.
  3. RINSE. Many people forget to use a mouthwash, but it is a very important part of keeping your mouth clean because it will flush out food and bacteria from those spaces that floss and toothbrush cannot access.
  4. DETOX. Using an oil-pulling rinse a few times a week will keep oral bacteria load down and help you maintain a fresh-feeling and healthy mouth.
  5. MOISTURIZE. Don’t forget that the outside of your mouth is just as important as the inside. Keeping your lips moisturized will prevent chapping and cracking, which can lead to stomatitis and cold sores infections.

Remember all of these important steps and your dentist and hygienist will be impressed.

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